Have you tried our Certified 100% Raw Blue Agave Nectar?

A Premium Quality & Certified 100% Blue Agave Nectar. Taste the Blue Agave Nectar difference!

A delicious all natural
sugar alternative.

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

*Our Blue Agave Nectars offer a spectrum of flavor complexity that are outstanding for all your Zymurgy applications. 

• Brewing • Fermenting • Distilling

Excellent for Triples / Strong Ale / Pale beer / Agave Wine / Mead / Innovative Distilled Spirits

Blue Agave Light:

Agave Light provides a neutral flavor profile

Blue Agave Dark:

Dark Agave provides a more pronounced caramel flavored profile

Blue Agave Raw Unrefined Specialty (both Amber & Dark profiles):

Specialty Raw Unrefined Agaves provide many Flavor complexities.  Flavor profiles will be dependent on multiple factors; agave variety and age, growing region, filtration, mineralization and hydrolysis.

Color Reference

           Light Agave (~2 - 4 SRM Color)
Amber Agave (~11 - 15 SRM Color)
Dark Agave (~50 - 60 SRM Color)

*Suggested usage rates:

Agave Adjunct (*When adding to Wort)

1-cup Agave per 5 gallons Wort
240 ml Agave per 19 liters Wort

100% Agave Ferment

One Lbs. Agave per 1-gallon Water for ~1.034 -1.036 Original Gravity


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